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Our Voices, Our Jobs

Join the Our Voice, Our Jobs committee to fight fear and retaliation at work!

  • Join together

  • Tell our stories

  • Demand change

Our Voice, Our Jobs campaign:


Workers and advocates from across the state are coming together to demand greater protections and resources for workers who face retaliation after speaking up.  This year, there are two opportunities in the state budget that we are fighting for: 

  • Expand the Covid Worker Outreach Project in order to educate more workers on their rights; and

  • Increase funding for the CA labor agency to investigate retaliation cases.


Our Voice, Our Jobs committee responsibilities:


  • Stay updated about the campaign and help decide on a strategy and the plan to win

  • Educate other workers about the campaign and recruit them to participate

  • Participate and help to lead activities like talking to legislators, media, and actions

  • Speak publicly about the campaign and why we are fighting fear and retaliation at work


Who should join the committee?

Workers who:

  • Want to fight fear and retaliation at work

  • Are leaders within their organizations and are able to commit to regular meetings and activities over the next 2 years

  • Are willing to educate and organize other workers

Send a letter to Gov. Newsom to pass our budget asks and protect CA Workers! 
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