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Effective enforcement of basic workplace protections requires well-informed workers. The California Coalition for Worker Power (CCWP) proposes $50 million to continue and expand the California COVID-19 Workplace Outreach Project.


What is “CWOP”?

California COVID-19 Workplace Outreach Project (CWOP) was a central part of a $50-million campaign to support California’s most vulnerable workers understand and enforce their COVID-19 workplace rights. The Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) received funds to operate the program.


What was the impact?

CWOP exceeded expectations for its success. By August 2021, CWOP organizations had achieved over 450% of the state’s initial campaign goals in the first five months of the campaign. In 2021, CWOP held face-to-face conversations with 684,000 workers throughout California. 


Key metrics included:

  1. 2.35 million total campaign touch-points and interactions

  2. 829,000 information materials (flyers, door hangers, and mailers) circulated

  3. 684,000 interactive conversations

  4. More than 17 languages.

What we are proposing:

  1. Expanding and extending the COVID-19 Workplace Outreach Program by $25 million a year for two years.

  2.  Include Non-COVID workplace rights like wage and hour protections, paid sick and family leave, anti-retaliation and health and safety, 

"I worked in care home with 6 different clients when I first arrived in 2016. I worked 24 hours a day without a day off and didn't even know how much I was getting paid. When I attended a "Know your Rights" training through PAWIS, I learned that I was a victim a wage theft and sued my employer. CWOP provided me with PPE and information and training about my rights when I contracted COVID."

- Lala Placides 

Home care worker 

Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants (PAWIS) member

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