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California Coalition for Worker Power Applauds Worker-Strengthening Investments in Budget Agreement

Sacramento, CA – The California Coalition for Worker Power (CCWP) applauded the budget agreement negotiated by Governor Newsom and the Legislature for including critical investments in worker outreach, education and research that support a more equitable economy. The following is a statement from Alexandra Suh, Co-President of CCWP

“The California Coalition for Worker Power applauds legislative leaders and Governor Newsom, who listened to workers, organizers, and advocates, and prioritized investments that support an inclusive and equitable economy. California’s budget challenges only underscore the need to uplift workers, and this agreement supports critical investment in worker strength.  

“Knowing your rights is the first step to exercising them, and the $30 million dedicated to the California Workplace Outreach Program will ensure that millions more workers do. The program’s successful model has already reached over 6 million workers in their own languages through trusted community organizations. The Legislature’s and Governor’s continued commitment is deeply appreciated by workers and their advocates. 

“Hundreds of workers, Black, brown, indigenous, API, immigrant and non-immigrant alike, shared with legislators this year the real struggles that workers in low-paid sectors face, and the need to provide both information and support for workers who seek to enforce their basic rights at work. This year’s budget is a victory for all those workers, organizers, and worker advocates who spoke up.

“Likewise, UC Labor Centers provide research that is invaluable to policymaking that supports workers’ rights and a more equitable economy. We look forward to continued partnership with the Administration and legislative leaders to advance policies that lift workers out of poverty and create greater equity." 


TheCalifornia Coalition for Worker Power(CCWP) is a coalition of worker centers, unions, and worker advocacy organizations dedicated to ensuring that every worker in California has the power to come together and improve their work conditions and their communities.

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